New Features in DataStorm alpha

This page describes notable additions and improvements in DataStorm. For a detailed list of the changes in this release, please refer to the changelog in the source tree. Our upgrade guide documents the changes that may affect the operation of your applications or have an impact on your source code.

New features introduced in DataStorm 0.2

Node discovery

Node discovery in DataStorm 0.1 was limited to UDP multicast discovery. It's now possible to discover other nodes by connecting to a DataStorm node. When connected to a node, the node will receive topic discovery information from other connected nodes. To connect to another node, a node should configure the DataStorm.Node.ConnectTo property.

Disabling of the multicast endpoint

It's now possible to disable the multicast endpoint with the DataStorm.Node.Multicast.Enabled=0  property setting. This is useful in environments where you don't want to rely on multicast for topic discovery.

Disabling of the server endpoint

It's now possible to disable the server endpoint with the DataStorm.Node.Server.Enabled=0  property setting. This is useful for deployments where the DataStorm node can't accept incoming connections because of network limitations such as firewalls. A node configured with this property will need to establish a client connection to another node by setting the DataStorm.Node.ConnectTo property in order to discover other nodes and exchange data.