Using the Ice Touch Binary Distribution

This page provides important information for users of the Ice Touch binary distribution.

On this page:

Overview of the Ice Touch binary distribution

Ice Touch is provided through Homebrew. The icetouch formula includes the following components:

  • Xcode Objective-C SDKs for macOS, iPhone iOS, iPhone Simulator
  • Xcode C++ SDKs for macOS, iPhone iOS, iPhone Simulator

Installing the Ice Touch binary distribution

Using Homebrew, you can install the distribution with this command:

brew install zeroc-ice/tap/icetouch36

The binaries in this distribution are 64-bit binaries for macOS and fat binaries with support for ARMv7, ARMv7s and ARM64 on iOS.

Setting up your macOS environment to use Ice Touch

In order to use one of the Ice Touch Xcode SDKs with your Xcode project, you need to:

  • add the Ice Touch SDK your Additional SDKs
    • C++: /usr/local/IceTouch/Cpp/$(PLATFORM_NAME).sdk
    • Objective-C:  /usr/local/IceTouch/ObjC/$(PLATFORM_NAME).sdk
  • link your application with at least
    • C++: -lIce (plus -liconv -lbzip2 on macOS) 
    • Objective-C: -ObjC -lIceObjC -lc++ (plus -liconv -lbzip2 on macOS)
  • link your application with
    • macOS:  Security.framework 
    • iphoneos and iphonesimulator:  Security.framework CFNetwork.framework UIKit.framework 

The following optional libraries are included in the Ice Touch Xcode SDKs:

Link your C++ application with

Link your Objective-C application with

Glacier2 client library-lGlacier2-lGlacier2ObjC

IceGrid client library

IceStorm client library-lIceStorm-lIceStormObjC

The Ice Touch Xcode SDKs include only static libraries. The Ice static library (IceObjC for Objective-C) includes the following plug-ins: IceDiscovery, IceLocatorDiscovery and IceSSL.

We also recommend installing the Ice Builder for Xcode, which automates the compilation of Slice files to C++ and Objective-C . The builder is not included in the ice formula and must be installed separately with:

brew install zeroc-ice/tap/ice-builder-xcode

Using the Ice Touch sample programs

Sample programs are available in a separate GitHub repository. Simply clone this repository and use its 3.6 branch:

git clone -b 3.6
cd ice-demos

The Ice Touch demos are located in the cpp/IceTouch and objective-c/IceTouch directories.