slice2java Command-Line Options

The Slice-to-Java compiler, slice2java, offers the following command-line options in addition to the standard options:

  • --impl
    Generate sample implementation files. This option will not overwrite an existing file.
  • --impl-tie
    Generate sample implementation files using tie classes. This option will not overwrite an existing file.
  • --checksum CLASS
    Generate checksums for Slice definitions into the class CLASS. The given class name may optionally contain a package specifier. The generated class contains checksums for all of the Slice files being translated by this invocation of the compiler. For example, the command below causes slice2java to generate the file containing the checksums for the Slice definitions in and

    slice2java --checksum Checksums
  • --meta META
    Define the global metadata directive META. Using this option is equivalent to defining the global metadata META in each named Slice file, as well as in any file included by a named Slice file. Global metadata specified with --meta overrides any corresponding global metadata directive in the files being compiled.
  • --list-generated
    Emit a list of generated files in XML format. 

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