Database Environment Descriptor

You can describe the Freeze database environment(s) used by your server or service with Database Environment Descriptors. Each descriptor describes a single Freeze database environment. 


The Database Environment Properties panel offers the following fields:

  • Name
    The name of the Freeze Database Environment. This name must be unique within the enclosing Ice communicator.

  • Description
    A free-text description of this database environment.

  • DB Home
    The path of the home directory of the Berkeley DB environment. The default is "Created by the IceGrid Node": when selected, IceGrid node creates automatically a directory in its local server tree. Otherwise, if you enter your own value, the path must exist: IceGrid node will not create this directory if it does not exist.

  • Properties
    This table shows a list of Berkeley DB properties for this database environment. These are not Ice properties. IceGrid generates a DB_CONFIG file in the DB Home directory with these settings.