Ice Log Dialog

The Ice Log dialog shows the Ice log messages of a server, service, node or registry retrieved through IceGrid. The monitored Ice application sends these log messages to a remote logger implemented by the Ice Log dialog. 

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An Ice log dialog is always in one of the following states:

  • Running
    The dialog is attached to the monitored application's logger: it displays new log messages as soon as it receives them.

  • Paused
    The dialog is attached to the monitored application's logger: it queues new log messages, but does not display them.
  • Stopped
    The dialog is no longer attached to the monitored application's logger.

When an Ice log dialog is running or paused, and the target server, node or registry is stopped, the Ice log dialog automatically transitions to the Stopped state. However, when an Ice log dialog is attached to an IceBox service, the Ice log dialog's state does not change when only the service is stopped, because stopping a service does not shutdown or destroy the associated communicator.


Use the Edit > Preferences... menu to open the Preferences dialog. These preferences apply to the current dialog and to any Ice Log dialog opened later on.

This dialog allows you to view and update the following settings:

  • Max log messages in buffer
    The maximum number of lines displayed in the Ice log dialog.

  • Number of log messages retrieved initially
    When a new dialog is opened, or when restarting a stopped dialog, the dialog retrieves and displays up to this number of lines.


Use the Edit > Filter... menu to open the Filter dialog. This filter applies only to the current Ice Log dialog.

This dialog allows you to filter the log messages sent by the monitored Ice applications. All the filtering is done in this remote Ice application.

  • Error, Warning, Print and Trace Check Boxes
    Check the type of log messages you want to receive.

  • Trace Categories
    Enter the list of trace categories you want to receive, or leave empty to receive trace messages with any trace category.