Server-Template Descriptor Element

A server-template element defines a template for a server element, simplifying the task of deploying multiple instances of the same server definition. The template should contain a parameterized server element that is instantiated using a server-instance element.

This element may only appear as a child of an application element.

The following attributes are supported:





Specifies the identifier for the server template. This identifier must be unique among all server templates in the application.


A template may declare parameters that are used to instantiate the server element. You can define a default value for each parameter. Parameters without a default value are considered mandatory and values for them must be supplied by the server-instance element.

Here is an example to demonstrate the use of this element:

    <application name="SampleApp">
        <server-template id="ServerTemplate">
            <parameter name="id"/>
            <server id="${id}" activation="manual" .../>
        <node name="Node1">
            <server-instance template="ServerTemplate" id="TheServer"/>
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