C-Sharp Mapping for Identifiers

Slice identifiers map to an identical C# identifier. For example, the Slice identifier Clock becomes the C# identifier Clock. If a Slice identifier is the same as a C# keyword, the corresponding C# identifier is a verbatim identifier (an identifier prefixed with @). For example, the Slice identifier while is mapped as @while.

You should try to avoid such identifiers as much as possible.

The Slice-to-C# compiler generates classes that inherit from interfaces or base classes in the .NET framework. These interfaces and classes introduce a number of methods into derived classes. To avoid name clashes between Slice identifiers that happen to be the same as an inherited method, such identifiers are prefixed with ice_ and suffixed with _ in the generated code. For example, the Slice identifier Clone maps to the C# identifier ice_Clone_ if it would clash with an inherited Clone. The complete list of identifiers that are so changed is:













Note that Slice identifiers in this list are translated to the corresponding C# identifier only where necessary. For example, structures do not derive from ICloneable, so if a Slice structure contains a member named Clone, the corresponding C# structure's member is named Clone as well. On the other hand, classes do derive from ICloneable, so, if a Slice class contains a member named Clone, the corresponding C# class's member is named ice_Clone_.

Also note that, for the purpose of prefixing, Slice identifiers are case-insensitive, that is, both Clone and clone are escaped and map to ice_Clone_ and ice_clone_, respectively.

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