The .NET Utility Library

Ice for C# includes a number of utility APIs in the Ice.Util class. This appendix summarizes the contents of these APIs for your reference.

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Communicator Initialization Methods

Ice.Util provides a number of overloaded initialize methods that create a communicator.

Identity Conversion

Ice.Util contains two methods to convert object identities of type Ice.Identity to and from strings.

Per-Process Logger Methods

Ice.Util provides methods for getting and setting the per-process logger.

Property Creation Methods

Ice.Util provides a number of overloaded createProperties methods that create property sets.

Proxy Comparison Methods

Two methods, proxyIdentityCompare and proxyIdentityAndFacetCompare, allow you to compare object identities that are stored in proxies (either ignoring the facet or taking the facet into account).

Version Information

Ice.Util provides methods to retrieve the version of the Ice run time.

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