If num is a value greater than zero, the Ice run time automatically initializes the plug-ins it has loaded. The order in which plug-ins are loaded and initialized is determined by Ice.PluginLoadOrder. An application may need to set this property to zero in order to interact directly with a plug-in after it has been loaded but before it is initialized. In this case, the application must invoke initializePlugins on the plug-in manager to complete the initialization process. If not defined, the default value is 1.

When the admin Object is created, its Process facet is registered with the configured Locator registry if Ice.Admin.ServerId is set. This remote registration call may depend on plug-ins, such as the IceSSL plug-in. As a result, if you delay the initialization of the plug-ins by setting Ice.InitPlugins to 0, you may also want to delay the creation of the admin Object by setting Ice.Admin.DelayCreation to 1.