A server represents an Ice server process. It can be either regular server (with typically a single Ice communicator) or an IceBox server hosting a number of IceBox services.

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A server is always in one of the following states (the first icon is for regular servers, the second for IceBox servers):

A server can also be either enabled or disabled; when disabled, the icons above are grayed-out. A disabled server cannot be started until it is re-enabled.


A server provides the following actions, from its contextual menu,  from the Tools > Server menu, and from buttons on the Server Properties panel:


The Server Properties panel shows first the Runtime Status of the server, i.e. "live" values retrieved from the server:

The remaining Server Properties under Configuration come from the IceGrid descriptors associated with this server:


A regular server node can have two types of children:

An IceBox server node can have only one type of children: