Using the MATLAB Distribution for Ice 3.7.6

This page provides important information for users of the Ice for MATLAB distribution.

On this page:

Overview of the Ice for MATLAB Distribution

Ice for MATLAB is available as a toolbox for supported versions of MATLAB. Each toolbox provides the following components:

  • Ice library for MATLAB
  • Standard Slice files
  • Slice-to-MATLAB compiler (slice2matlab)

Installing the Ice for MATLAB Distribution

Download the toolbox file for your MATLAB version from The file is named ice-3.7.5-<version>.mltbx, where <version> is your MATLAB version.

Now open MATLAB and navigate to the directory that contains the toolbox file. Double-click on the toolbox file to begin the installation.

Upon completion, MATLAB places the toolbox files in the Add-Ons directory specified in your Preferences settings. By default, this is a directory in your Documents folder.

You can manage the toolbox by choosing Add-Ons / Manage Add-Ons.

Using Ice for MATLAB

The installation process automatically appends the add-on directories to your MATLAB path. The installation includes a MATLAB script named slice2matlab that you can use to easily run the Slice-to-MATLAB compiler from the MATLAB console. To verify that Ice is installed, try running the script:

>> slice2matlab -h

The Ice manual provides a complete description of the MATLAB mapping, including the options for generating MATLAB code from Slice definitions.

At a minimum, your application will need to load the Ice library by calling loadlibrary as follows:

loadlibrary('ice', @iceproto)


Using the Sample Programs

Sample programs are provided in a separate GitHub repository. You can browse this repository to see build and usage instructions for all supported programming languages. Simply clone this repository:

git clone -b 3.7
cd ice-demos