Using the macOS Binary Distribution

This page provides important information for users of the DataStorm binary distribution for macOS.

On this page:

Overview of the macOS Binary Distribution

DataStorm for C++ is provided through the Homebrew formula. This datastorm formula includes the run-time libraries for C++.

Homebrew Taps

The datastorm formula is available in ZeroC's homebrew tap:

  • zeroc-ice/tap, ZeroC's homebrew tap 

Installing the macOS binary distribution

Using Homebrew, you can install the distribution with this command:

brew install zeroc-ice/tap/datastorm

Setting up your macOS environment to use DataStorm

After installing DataStorm, read the relevant language-specific sections below to learn how to configure your environment and start programming with DataStorm.


Compiling and Linking

When compiling DataStorm for C++ programs, you must pass the -pthread option. A typical compile command would look like this:

c++ -c -pthread myprogram.cpp

When linking a program you must link with at least the DataStorm library. A typical link command would look like this:

c++ -o myprogram myprogram.o -lDataStorm -lIce++11

If you want to include DataStorm in your application bundle, you will need to copy the necessary DataStorm libraries to the Contents/Frameworks subdirectory of your bundle and use  @loader_path/../Frameworks as the run path when linking the application.

Please refer to the dyld man page on your macOS system to learn more about @loader_path.

Using the Sample Programs

Sample programs for all programming languages are available in the DataStorm GitHub repository. Simply clone this repository:

git clone
cd datastorm/demos