Documentation for Ice 3.4. The latest release is Ice 3.7. Refer to the space directory for other releases.

Ice allows you to install a per-process custom logger. This logger is used by all communicators that do not have their own specific logger established at the time a communicator is created.

You can set a per-process logger in C++ by calling Ice::setProcessLogger, and you can retrieve the per-process logger by calling Ice::getProcessLogger:

LoggerPtr getProcessLogger();
void setProcessLogger(const LoggerPtr&);

If you call getProcessLogger without having called setProcessLogger first, the Ice run time installs a default per-process logger. Note that if you call setProcessLogger, only communicators created after that point will use this per-process logger; communicators created earlier use the logger that was in effect at the time they were created. (This also means that you can call setProcessLogger multiple times; communicators created after that point will use whatever logger was established by the last call to setProcessLogger.)

getProcessLogger and setProcessLogger are language-specific APIs that are not defined in Slice. Therefore, for Java and C#, these methods appear in the Ice.Util class.

For applications that use the Application or Service convenience classes and do not explicitly configure a logger, these classes set a default per-process logger that uses the Ice.ProgramName property as a prefix for log messages. The Application class is described in the server-side language mapping chapters; more information on the Service class can be found in The Ice::Service Class.

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