Documentation for Ice 3.5. The latest release is Ice 3.7. Refer to the space directory for other releases.

An adapter represents an Ice object adapter described in the IceGrid registry that resides in a server or an IceBox service. Note that direct object adapters are not displayed since IceGrid knows nothing about them.

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An adapter can be either active () or inactive ().


The Adapter Properties panel shows first the Runtime Status of the object adapter, i.e. "live" values retrieved from the enclosing server or service:

  • Status
    The status of this object adapter: Active or Inactive.

  • Published Endpoints
    The endpoints that this object adapter has registered with the IceGrid registry. Blank when the adapter's status is Inactive.

The remaining Server Properties under Configuration come from the IceGrid descriptor that defined this object adapter:

  • Description
    A free-text description of this adapter.

  • Adapter ID
    This object adapter's ID. Adapter IDs are unique within an IceGrid deployment.

  • Replica Group
    When this adapter belongs to a replica group, shows the replica group ID. Blank otherwise.

  • Priority
    The adapter's priority. Used only when the adapter belongs to a replica group with the "Ordered" load balancing policy.
  • Endpoints
    The Endpoints configuration property of this object adapter.

  • Published Endpoints
    The PublishedEndpoints configuration property of this object adapter.

  • Register Process
    When the Register Process checkbox is checked, this object adapter will register an Ice::Process object with IceGrid upon activation. This setting is meaningful only for servers with an Ice version less than 3.3.

  • Server Lifetime
    When the Server Lifetime checkbox is checked, IceGrid considers that this object adapter is activated when the server starts up and deactivated when the server shuts down. This allows IceGrid to detect when a server is fully activated (all its object adapters with a server-lifetime have registered) and when a server is shutting down (at least one object adapter with server-lifetime has unregistered).

  • Well-known Objects
    The well-known objects defined by this object adapter.

  • Allocatable Objects
    The allocatable objects defined by this object adapter.



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