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Documentation for Ice 3.5. The latest release is Ice 3.7. Refer to the space directory for other releases.

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An object adapter is an instance of the local interface ObjectAdapter. You create an object adapter by calling one of several operations on a communicator:

module Ice {
    local interface ObjectAdapter {
        string getName();
        Communicator getCommunicator();

        // ...

    local interface Communicator {
        ObjectAdapter createObjectAdapter(string name);
        ObjectAdapter createObjectAdapterWithEndpoints(string name, string endpoints);
        ObjectAdapter createObjectAdapterWithRouter(string name, Router* rtr);

        // ...

The ObjectAdapter operations behave as follows:

  • The getName operation returns the name of the adapter as passed to one of the communicator operations createObjectAdapter, createObjectAdapterWithEndpoints, or createObjectAdapterWithRouter.
  • The getCommunicator operation returns the communicator that was used to create the adapter.

Note that there are other operations in the ObjectAdapter interface; we will explore these throughout the remainder of this discussion.

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