slice2freezej Command-Line Options

The Slice-to-Freeze compiler, slice2freezej, creates Java classes for Freeze maps. The compiler offers the following command-line options in addition to the standard options:


Generate a Freeze map class named NAME using KEY as key and VALUE as value. This option may be specified multiple times to generate several Freeze maps. NAME may be a scoped Java name, such as Demo.Struct1ObjectMapKEY and VALUE represent Slice types and therefore must use Slice syntax, such as bool or Ice::Identity. The type identified by KEY must be a legal dictionary key type.

--dict-index MAP[,MEMBER][,case-sensitive|case-insensitive]

Add an index to the Freeze map named MAP. If MEMBER is specified, the map value type must be a structure or a class, and MEMBER must be the name of a member of that type. If MEMBER is not specified, the entire value is indexed. When the indexed member (or entire value) is a string, the index can be case-sensitive (default) or case-insensitive.

--index CLASS,TYPE,MEMBER[,case-sensitive|case-insensitive]

Generate an index class for a Freeze evictorCLASS is the name of the index class to be generated. TYPE denotes the type of class to be indexed (objects of different classes are not included in this index). MEMBER is the name of the data member in TYPE to index. When MEMBER has type string, it is possible to specify whether the index is case-sensitive or not. The default is case-sensitive.

--meta META

Define the global metadata directive META. Using this option is equivalent to defining the global metadata META in each named Slice file, as well as in any file included by a named Slice file.

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