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Documentation for Ice 3.5. The latest release is Ice 3.7. Refer to the space directory for other releases.

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An object element defines a well-known object in the IceGrid registry. Clients can refer to this object using only its identity, or they can search for well-known objects of a specific type.

This element may only appear as a child of an adapter element or a replica-group element.

The following attributes are supported:





Specifies the identity by which this object is known.



Specifies the name of a property to generate that contains the stringified identity of the object. This attribute is only allowed if this object element is a child of an adapter element.



An arbitrary string used to group objects. By convention, the string represents the most-derived Slice type ID of the object, but an application is free to use another convention.


proxy-optionsThe proxy options to use for the proxy of the well-known object return by IceGrid.No

Here is an example to demonstrate the use of this element:

<adapter name="MyAdapter" id="WellKnownAdapter" ...>
    <object identity="WellKnownObject" type="::Module::WellKnownInterface" proxy-options="-o"/>

In the configuration above, the object can be located via the equivalent proxies WellKnownObject and WellKnownObject@WellKnownAdapter.

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