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Documentation for Ice 3.5. The latest release is Ice 3.7. Refer to the space directory for other releases.

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module IceBox

IceBox is an application server specifically for Ice applications. IceBox can easily run and administer Ice services that are dynamically loaded as a DLL, shared library, or Java class.

Interface Index

Service — An application service managed by a ServiceManager.
ServiceManager — Administers a set of Service instances.
ServiceObserver — An Observer interface implemented by admin clients interested in the status of services @see ServiceManager

Exception Index

AlreadyStartedException — This exception is thrown if an attempt is made to start an already-started service.
AlreadyStoppedException — This exception is thrown if an attempt is made to stop an already-stopped service.
FailureException — This exception is a general failure notification.
NoSuchServiceException — This exception is thrown if a service name does not refer to an existing service.

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