Run Time Components

IceGrid GUI shows the following run time components:

  • Registry ()
    Represents the IceGrid registry process with which IceGrid GUI communicates
  • Slave Registry ()
    Represents a slave registry process, when you have several replicated IceGrid registries
  • Node ()
    Represents an IceGrid node process

  • Regular Server ()
    Represents a regular server process, started and monitored by an IceGrid node
  • IceBox Server ()
    Represents an IceBox server process,  started and monitored by an IceGrid node
  • Adapter ()
    Represents an Ice indirect object adapter, deployed within a server or a service
  • Database Environment ()
    Represents a Freeze/Berkeley DB Database Environment, deployed within a server or a service
  • IceBox Service ()
    Represents an IceBox service, deployed on an IceBox server

  • Metrics View ()
    Represents a Metrics view associated with an Ice server, an Ice service, an IceGrid node, the Registry or a Slave Registry

All actions on these components (through menus,  buttons and keyboard short-cuts) affect directly and immediately the running IceGrid deployment.