Service Run Time Component

A service represents an IceBox service loaded (or potentially loaded) within an IceBox server.

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A service can be either started () or stopped () within an IceBox server.


An IceBox service provides the following actions, from its contextual menu,  from the Tools > Service menu, and from buttons on the Service Properties panel:

  • Start
    Instruct the IceBox server to start the service.

  • Stop
    Instruct the IceBox server to stop this service.

  • Retrieve Ice log
    Retrieve the log messages sent to the service's logger into an Ice Log Dialog. The Ice Log Dialog attaches a remote logger to the service's logger.

  • Retrieve log file
    Retrieve the log file of this service into a Log File Dialog.


The Service Properties panel shows first the Runtime Status of the service, i.e. "live" values retrieved directly from the service:

  • State
    A checkbox that is checked when the service is started.

  • Build Id
    The build Id of this service: this corresponds to the Ice property BuildId.

  • Properties
    A table showing all the Ice properties currently set in this service. These properties are retrieved each time you select a new service in IceGrid GUI, and each time you click on the Refresh button next to the Build Id field.

The remaining Server Properties come from the IceGrid descriptors associated with this service:

  • Description
    A free-text description of this service.

  • Properties
    A table showing all the Ice properties of this service. These properties may come from template definitions, property sets, service-instance properties etc. They are all combined in this table.

  • Entry Point
    The entry point for this service. This corresponds to the value of the property.


An IceBox service can have the following types of children: