Documentation for Ice 3.4. The latest release is Ice 3.7. Refer to the space directory for other releases.

Slice constant definitions map to corresponding C++ constant definitions. For example:

const bool      AppendByDefault = true;
const byte      LowerNibble = 0x0f;
const string    Advice = "Don't Panic!";
const short     TheAnswer = 42;
const double    PI = 3.1416;

enum Fruit { Apple, Pear, Orange };
const Fruit     FavoriteFruit = Pear;

Here are the generated definitions for these constants:

const bool          AppendByDefault = true;
const Ice::Byte     LowerNibble =     15;
const std::string   Advice =          "Don't Panic!";
const Ice::Short    TheAnswer =       42;
const Ice::Double   PI =              3.1416;

enum Fruit { Apple, Pear, Orange };
const Fruit         FavoriteFruit =   Pear;

All constants are initialized directly in the header file, so they are compile-time constants and can be used in contexts where a compile-time constant expression is required, such as to dimension an array or as the case label of a switch statement.

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